Malika Tirolien on Tour in Guadeloupe


Estelle Virassamy (France-Antilles) writes about Marie-Galante/Guadeloupean singer/songwrier Malika Tirolien, who is now on tour with CEDAC (Collectif des Espaces de Diffusion Artistique et Culturelle). A writer, composer, performer, and keyboardist, Tirolien will present pieces from her first album, Sur la voie ensoleillée [On the Sunny Path], and several unreleased tracks. Her upcoming performances are on: Friday, November 17 (tonight!), at the Casino du Gosier; Tuesday, November 21, at the Robert-Loyson Hall, at the Moule; Thursday, November 23, Chez Henri, St. Louis Marie-Galante; and Friday, November 24, at the Sonis Cultural Center, in Abymes. All concerts are at 8:00pm.

France-Antilles reports that 2017 has been a good year for Malika Tirolien. In June, she was invited to the 18th Terre de Blues Festival in Marie-Galante, which paid tribute to her grandfather, poet Guy Tirolien. This month, the artist, who—originally from Marie-Galante—settled in Canada for many years, is back for several dates with CEDAC.

The tour began at the Ciné-Théâtre de Lamentin and continues through November 24. Her musicians include Jason Jahsun Promesse (drums), Philippe Lallier (guitar), Jean-Michel Frédéric (keyboard) and Mark Haynes (bass). The artist has performed with the same musicians in many venues in Canada, the United States, China, and India, as well as Antigua, Saint Lucia, Grenada, St. Kitts, with the Alliance Française. Tirolien says, “This is the third time they accompany me to Guadeloupe.”

On her first album, Tirolien mixes soul, jazz and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. She sings in Creole, French, and English. She says, “I have almost all the songs ready for the second album. It will be different from the first. It will be more soul, hip hop, and jazz.” [. . .]

For full article (in French), see

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