Call for Papers: “A Decade without Aimé”


The Institut des Amériques in Bogotá, Colombia, issued a call for papers earlier this year for a colloquium on Aimé Césaire to take place in April 2018. The deadline for submissions is November 20, 2017. Abstracts must be in Word (Garamond font, maximum: 250 words) and should be sent to [Also see our previous post “A Decade without Aimé.”]

Description (translated from the Spanish original): Aimé Césaire (1913-2008) is a source of inspiration, both in his poetic work as in his essays and prose, for the dialogue between cultures and the construction of historical memory, from an emancipatory perspective that vindicates the historical consciousness of different forms of resistance to the hegemony of the univocal conceptions of history.

In order to lay the foundations of a new humanism in keeping with the historical conditions of the 21st century, Césaire’s voice becomes more and more appropriate to interpret the current circumstances that impede the full expression of human potentialities.

A decade after Césaire’s death, we invite specialists and parties interested in his work of to submit their abstracts of papers, which will be considered for participation in a study day, in April 2018, dedicated to the discussion on the contributions that allow us to identify new directions in the consolidation of a humanistic proposal, in which universal values ​​are nurtured by all the particular characteristics of cultural diversity.

For more information and guidelines go to

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