Ángela Hernández: “Il peso della rugiada”


A collection of short stories by Dominican writer Ángela Hernández has been published in Italian, with the title Il peso della rugiada [from her short story “El peso del rocío”]. The book—in both print and digital version—was edited by Italian critic Danilo Manera, who also provided the introductory essay.

Manera writes: The pace of these tales, elusive and perplexing construction as an alternative to the rigidity of male logic, is a walking against the grain, a swaying of the breasts, a sideways glance, a peeling off the shell, to give reason a lively contact with the emotions. They are stories of unsuspected verisimilitude, which depend on concrete details, a flow of dialogue, or intimate experiences to jump into a dreamlike dimension. They know of revealed secrets and electrical storms, in a twist of narrative voices that complement and refute, with irresistible transports and cruel disconnections. An intense collection of girls, sisters, lovers, brides, friends, mothers, and grandmothers, able to see what nobody sees, and more than ever, men who are confined in their own prejudices. Women as able to capture the supernatural light of charity as to sink without fear into the sharp darkness of a passion, always rejecting the dusty opacity with the moist twinkle of their imagination.

Sample: «Nei miei occhi, irritati dal fumo della legna verde che ardeva nel fuoco, c’era allegria. Il locale aveva fessure e finestre, attraverso le quali entrava un mondo fresco, che profumava di bosco e pere mature. Il presente equivaleva a ciò che era alla portata del mio cuore e del mio sguardo. Se stavo in silenzio, tutto il resto sognava.»

For more information, see http://www.robinedizioni.it/nuovo/il-peso-della-rugiada

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