Sem G releases “Da Body Deh”


Jamaican dancehall artist Sem G recently released his new single, “Da Body Deh.” The Star reports:

Dancehall artiste Sem G has begun to raise eyebrows in the industry with his latest single, ‘Da Body Deh’, on the Black Rogue Records label, which combines the artiste’s witty and catchy lyrics with a fast-paced dancehall beat.

“Everybody loves the song, and we have submitted the songs to a lot of radio stations, but in the meantime, the selectors a work with it, especially Earth Links, who play a Boasy Tuesday, and it a get out in the streets and mixtapes,” he said.

Given the early street feedback on the song, which was released two weeks ago, there are plans to shoot a video in the near future. Sem G first came to the attention of the public with Rude Bwoy Ting on the Weed Rock rhythm for indie label Chase Mills Records. [. . .]

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