Cuban Art in Turin


Cuban Art News reports on Garaicoa in Turin. Just in time for Artissima, the art fair that opened today, November 2, “Carlos Garaicoa: El Palacio de las Tres Historias” (The Palace of the Three Stories) opened on Monday, October 30, at the Fondazione Merz. The show runs through February 4. Also, Galería Servando at Artissima, runs November 2-5, 2017.

Continuing Garaicoa’s ongoing exploration of cities as ideal spaces and lived realities, the exhibition features several site-specific installations commissioned for the show. The largest, which gives the show its title, is a double-height steel structure that takes its form from the Merz Foundation’s own building, in a way that recalls the utopian visions of the early 20th century. The opening reception begins at 7 p.m. next Monday; the show runs through February 4.

And Galería Servando at Artissima. The Havana gallery is bringing the work of two emerging artists, Leandro Feal and Luis E. López-Chávez, to the art fair in Turin. Feal’s black-and-white photographs transform the urban landscape into a series of dreamlike flashes; López-Chávez’s installation “Contra los poetas” (Against the poets) is an unfinished landscape of wood scraps, carefully polished and painted white, which viewers can continue assembling as they like. Artissima runs Friday, November 2 through Sunday, November 5.

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[Image above: Leandro Feal’s work from]

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