CFP special issue eTropic ‘Living Cities: Tropical Imaginaries


CALL FOR PAPERS ‘Living Cities:Tropical Imaginaries’

Special Issue Volume 17, No 1 & 2, 2018. Submission deadline: 30 November 2017


‘Living Cities: Tropical Imaginaries’ reminds us that urban environments are both created and creative spaces. This Call for Papers is concerned with the peopled and lived experiences of cities and how these interact with built, natural and cultural environments. The CFP in interested in processes of tropical space and place-making, with an emphasis on key areas that make up lived cities in the tropics: creative economies, cultural and natural landscapes, aesthetics, urban myths and story making, sustainable practices, heritage, everyday life, community practices and liminal spaces. The tropical emphasis is particularly relevant to cities in Tropical Asia, the Northern Tropics of Australia, the deep south of America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and the Pacific.

This issue seeks both academic articles and creative works that respond to the theme in innovative ways. Topics might extend to include considerations of:

  • Sticky businesses: economic life in the torrid zone
  • Performing arts in the tropical metropolis
  • Literature in the tropical city, the tropical city in literature
  • Educating for sustainable futures in tropical cities
  • Tropical urban bloodsucking monstrosities
  • Ecological aesthetics in the tropical city
  • Preserving tropical urban histories and traditions
  • Tropical metropolis: creating through visual arts and film
  • Tropical urban communities: sustaining actions

Further information:

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