Lecture: “Marooning Academia: BE.BOP as a tool of decolonial healing”

Bebop Berlin Day 3 ©miguelgome2016

Lecture series of the DFG-Graduiertenkolleg “Das Wissen der Künste,” in cooperation with the Studium Generale, presents Alanna Lockward (curator, author, Berlin/Santo Domingo) on “Marooning Academia: BE.BOP as a tool of decolonial healing.” This lecture takes place on Monday, October 30, 2017, from 6:00 to 8:00pm, in Room 158 at Universität der Künste Berlin (Hardenbergstrasse 33, Berlin, Germany). 

Description (by Alanna Lockward): Revising my own curatorial and academic trajectory as the first student defending a master thesis on Black Studies at the University of the Arts Berlin (2006) will be the focus of this lecture. This self-examination is inspired by the foundational contributions of Mary Helen Washington in her acclaimed lecture: “Disturbing the Peace: What Happens to American Studies If You Put African American Studies at the Center?” I will expose how BE.BOP. BLACK EUROPE BODY POLITICS—launched at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse in 2012—has operated as a safe space, a maroon enclave in a European academic plantation where the lack of Black constituencies and knowledge creation is mind blowing. This Decolonial Afropean curatorial project facilitates crucial conversations on the role of activism and Decolonial Aesthetics. Additionally, honouring the lineage of Caribbean (diasporic) knowledge creation and marronage plays a pivotal role in BE.BOP, since most of its peers are linked, either ancestrally or thematically, to the region. Instead of simply critiquing, diagnosing or creating yet another taxonomy of white supremacy, we are marooning academia on our own terms.

Alanna Lockward is a Berlin and Santo Domingo based author and independent curator. She is the founding director of Art Labour Archives. Her interests are Caribbean marronage discursive and mystical legacies in time-based practices, critical race theory, decolonial aesthetics/aesthesis, Black feminism and womanist ethics. Lockward is the author of Apremio: apuntes sobre el pensamiento y la creación contemporánea desde el Caribe (Cendeac, 2006), a collection of essays; the short novel Marassá y la Nada (Santuario 2013) and Un Haití Dominicano. Tatuajes fantasmas y narrativas bilaterales (1994-2014), a compilation of her investigative work on the history and current challenges between both island-nations (Santuario 2014). Lockward is the editor of BE.BOP 2102-2014. El cuerpo en el continente de la conciencia Negra (Ediciones del Signo 2016).

For more information, see https://www.udk-berlin.de/newsletter/newsletter-graduiertenkolleg/invitation-alanna-lockward-marooning-academia-bebop-as-a-tool-of-decolonial-healing-oct-30th-2017-of-the-lecture-series-decolonizing-arts-aesthetic-practices-of-learning-and-unlearning/

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