Hashtag Dominica campaign for independence celebration


WIC News reports that Team Hashtag Dominica will be running a social media campaign at the start of November to get the Caribbean and wider world to celebrate Dominica’s 39 years of independence. On November 3, 1978, Dominica gained its independence from Great Britain and became an independent republic within the Commonwealth.

On November 3, the group is hoping to swamp social media platforms with #Dominica. The group describe themselves as patriotic Dominicans living on the island and as well as overseas. “The intent of this campaign is to encourage everyone to use #Dominica on that day on all post and across all social media platforms,” Team Hashtag Dominica said. “The posts could be anything showcasing Dominica’s creole and independence celebration or anything Dominica.”

In addition to celebrating independence, the November campaign is also being carried out to give Dominicans in Dominica a “little hope and something to look forward to during this tough time”, the group said. “We may not be able to celebrate our independence as grand as in the past years, but we will celebrate our independence with the help of our friends and families all around the world.”

For original article, see http://wicnews.com/caribbean/hashtag-dominica-campaign-bring-independence-joy-social-media-46006980/

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