Celia Cruz’s Costumes on Exhibit in Dominican Republic


A report from the Latin American Herald Tribune.

Some of the most striking dresses, shoes and wigs worn on stage by late salsa queen Celia Cruz are part of an exhibit in the Dominican Republic devoted to the iconic Cuban singer’s more than six decades in show business.

Inaugurated this week, “Celia Lives! The Life and Music of Celia Cruz” tells the story using items from her wardrobe and other personal items such as photos, letters, documentaries and videos of her performances.

Cruz (1925-2003), remembered for her infectious joy and her trademark shout “Azucar!” (Sugar), rode to fame on a powerful voice and flamboyant stage presence.

Omer Pardillo Cid, president of the Celia Cruz Foundation, which worked with the Pañoleta Foundation to organize the event at Santo Domingo’s Acropolis Mall, told EFE that Cruz took good care of her clothes.

Among the roughly 300 surviving Cruz costumes, the exhibit features 11 that are somehow related to the Dominican Republic, whether she wore them during performances here or at concerts anywhere that included Dominican artists such as Angela Carrasco or Johnny Pacheco, or because they were created by Dominican designers.

Pardillo told EFE that the exhibit has made stops in the United States, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico over the last two years and that talks are underway to bring it to Peru and Spain.

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