Permit canceled for controversial project in Cabarete


The Dominican Republic’s Environment Ministry on canceled the environmental permit issued last June for a project called “Villas La Boca Ecological Lounge,” which Dreams Endowment Corporation planned to build in La Boca, Cabarete, Puerto Plata, at the mouth of the Yásica River. It is surprising that such a permit was issued in the first place, since the area to be developed has an ecosystem that is classified as “fragile.”

Dominican Today writes: Environment’s decision comes after a technical report from an onsite inspection on Sept. 29, when around 1,500 square meters of dunes were being cleared to build a parking lot and a grader was widening a road that leads to the river’s mouth. It also found an area for a planned construction within 60 meters from the high tide mark, which violated the environmental permit. Environment minister Francisco Dominguez cancelled the permit issued August 12, 2016. [. . .] reports: [The project by] Dreams Endowment Corporation, represented by Alfredo José Gómez Aranda, whose company is linked to Fabrice Grinda—French billionaire dedicated to the development of technological products—has been criticized by the Association for the Protection of the Environment and Tourism of Cabarete and Sosúa (Asoprocaso) and the Academy of Science, due to the impact it can produce in an ecosystem that is classified as “fragile.”

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