New Edition: “Flaming Hearts and Other Stories”


Garfield Ellis’s first collection Flaming Hearts and Other Stories has been republished by the National Book Development Council of Jamaica. First published in 1996, it won the Una Marson Award. The new edition will be available soon in hardcopy and Kindle versions.

Description: Flaming Hearts and Other Stories is Garfield Ellis’ first published collection. The collection established Ellis as a new and unmistakable voice among Jamaican storytellers. The characters that people these stories are the “ordinary Jamaican people” Garfield says it is his calling to write about. The writer’s power lies in transforming the stories of these ordinary people, speaking in authentic Jamaican voices and living comfortably in their environment, into tales of relationships, and internal struggle and concerns universal to the human condition. Meanwhile, the author’s own relationship with the backdrop – his beautiful island – plays always lyrically in the background.

Garfield Ellis grew up in Jamaica, the eldest of nine children. He studied marine engineering, management and public relations in Jamaica and in a varied career worked as a marine engineering officer on board ships, as engineering supervisor, and placement director of the Jamaica Maritime Institute. He completed his Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Miami, on full scholarship as a James Michener Fellow.

He is a two-time winner of the Una Marson prize for adult literature; in the first instance for his first collection of short stories, Flaming Hearts, and later for the manuscript of his novel, Till I’m Laid to Rest. He has twice won the Canute A. Brodhurst prize for fiction (The Caribbean Writer, University of Virgin Islands) in 2000 and 2005, and the 1990 Heinemann/Lifestyle short story competition.

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