Fierce and Feminine: Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Models Leadership for Women the World Over


Interesting article by Margie Warrell, who presents Puerto Rican mayor (of San Juan) Carmen Yulín Cruz as a role model for leadership. Here are excerpts; see the full article in Forbes to read the list of lessons we must learn. One of the lessons? Let no one (not even the President) play you small.

Over the last week, many witnessed a strong yet little known female leader show what true leadership is all about: serving others before one self. As Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, refused to engage in a petty squabble with Trump, who had derided her leadership over Twitter in the wake of Hurricane Maria, she won the admiration of many who sympathized with her plight and felt appalled by her treatment.

Cruz provided a powerful example of how women make great leaders. Yet a quick glance at the decision making tables around the world show there is still a marked lack of women involved in what is being decided. Are there external barriers holding women back? You bet. Examples of sexism abound. But one of the biggest hurdles women must still overcome is a lack of belief in our innate ability to lead; to be feminine and fierce and a force for change- all at the same time. Something Cruz did in spades.

The truth is that for women to be the force for change the world today so desperately needs requires courage. Courage to confront the critics and to take on the power brokers. Courage to call out those who talk the talk but resist change to the status quo.  Courage to lay it all on the line and risk falling short in our endeavors.

Yet risk it we must.

No matter what the problem, conflict or crisis, the feminine leadership strengths – compassion, collaboration, peacemaking, bridge building – are a vital part of the solution.  More than ever we need women to step up to the leadership plate wherever they find themselves, to call out inequity, to challenge the established order, to engage in dialogue, and to hold up a mirror to those who have a vested interest in maintaining it. [. . .]

See the full article at

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