Artists step up to the plate in statues debate


Anny Shaw (The Art Newspaper) writes about how colonial monuments and the US flag are subverted at Frieze London. See an excerpt below on Anglo-Guyanese artist Hew Locke’s contribution to the “conversation,” with a commentary on the abuse of power through the slave trade through his “Edward VII.” Read the full article at The Art Newspaper.

[. . .] Monuments to British and Irish colonialists, including Edward Colston and Edmund Burke, come under scrutiny in three photographs embellished with cowrie shells and plastic jewellery by Hew Locke on P.P.O.W.’s stand (priced at $40,000 each). Created for the exhibition Artist and Empire at Tate Britain in 2015, the figures are all “men who abused their power economically through the slave trade”, says the gallery’s director Trey Hollis. Alt-Monuments, a talk at Frieze London tomorrow (12.30pm), will further examine how history is commemorated in public places. [. . .]

[Hew Locke’s Edward VII (2006), with P.P.O.W. gallery, is an image of a monument festooned with plastic jewellery. Photo by David Owens.]

For full article, see

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