The 8th Traveling Caribbean Film Showcase

A report by Paula Henríquez for Havana Times.

The 8th edition of the Traveling Caribbean Film Showcase recently came to an end in Havana and is getting ready to go on tour in other Caribbean countries.

This time, the event had 20 movies, 6 of which were fiction features: Forbidden Flights, by Rigoberto Lopez; The Ambush by Alejandro Gil; Ana’s film, by Daniel Díaz Torres; the Cuban filmmaker. Haiti, my love, by Guetty Felin; The fight of Ana, by the Dominican director Bladimir Abud were also shown; and the movie that kicked off the event: The Price of Sugar, (Suriname) by Jean Van de Velde.

The movies selected for this current edition weren’t new releases, but movies that have enjoyed certain success in Cuban movie theaters and abroad too. Such is the case with “The Price of Sugar”, a movie which has opened many Dutch film weeks, not only in Cuba, but at other international competitions too.

Twelve documentaries and two short animation movies were also shown. A total of 10 Caribbean countries took part in this Showcase. If the representation of Caribbean nations was greater in previous editions, in the most recent edition, a balance between the countries represented and the issues they dealt with was attempted, so as to create a more varied program.

People interested in Caribbean film can find out about this Showcase via film centers in each country, but we will also leave some dates here so that you don’t miss out on the 8th Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase:

Antigua and Barbuda – 7, 8, 9, 10 December 2017.

Bahamas – 20-25 February 2018. Bahamas University

Belize – February 2018

Guyana – 26-29 April 2018.

St. Barts – 1-5 May 2018.

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