Ricky Martin and Puerto Rico Disaster Relief


Singer Ricky Martin started an initiative—YouCaring.com/RickyMartin—to receive donations for Puerto Rico disaster relief. After personally contributing $100,000 dollars, the account has received over $ 1.3 million in a little over than a week. The goal is to reach two million dollars.

Through the platform YouCaring.com/RickyMartin, the singer began the fund to make known the critical situation of Puerto Rico, where entire towns still remain incommunicado, and there is a water and food shortage. On the Ellen DeGeneres program, Martin said, “We were destroyed by the hurricane … There is no water, there is no electricity, there is no food, there is no medicine, there is no diesel to serve the hospitals, there are people who are dying.”

El Nuevo Día reports that, like him, other celebrities of Puerto Rican origins have used this platform to ask their fans to contribute.

Basketball player Carmelo Anthony added about $266,000 in proceeds, while TV celebrity Laura Posada collected more than $224,000 dollars; tennis player Monica Puig raised more than $87,000 dollars; basketball player José Juan Barea and former beauty queen Viviana Ortiz gathered $155,000. There are more than 30 fundraising initiatives on the island within YouCaring.com.

Ricky Martin also thanked actor Leonardo DiCaprio as well as the We Care Solar Foundation and Music for Relief when he heard that they had donated 35 solar kits.

The solar kits has two solar panels that can be installed in clinics and to which high quality LED lights are connected. Once fully charged, it can provide light for up to 20 hours. The kit also contains portable lamps, a fetal Doppler to monitor a baby’s heart rate, as well as a cell phone charger.

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2 thoughts on “Ricky Martin and Puerto Rico Disaster Relief

  1. I’m so sad to hear and read about what has happened! I am poor for now,however; I would like to send you some of my Christmas Money. Where can I send a money order?


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