Cuban dance company Acosta Danza on World Tour


Cuban company Acosta Danza, directed by the prestigious dancer Carlos Acosta, announced a tour of the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, and Turkey, from October 27 to November 11, 2017. Cuba Debate reports:

According to the troupe’s press release, the itinerary covers cities such as London, Salford, Birgminham, Brighton, and Edinburgh, in the United Kingdom, as well as presentations in the district of Neuss, Germany; Sankt Pölten in Austria; and Istanbul, Turkey.

The program planned for these shows begins with a classic of modern Cuban dance, El cruce sobre el Nágara, by Marianela Boán.

In addition, they will perform Belles Lettres, by Justin Peck (U.S.), resident choreographer of the New York City Ballet; and Twelve, by the Spaniard Jorge Crecis, who demands that the dancers be at their best physical and mental disposition, and integrates sports and mathematical elements.

The program also includes the most recent choreography by Spain’s Goyo Montero, Imponderable, which uses music by Owen Belton, based on the poetic and musical work by the Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez.

As the central piece, the world premiere of Mermaid (Sirena) is choreographed by Belgian choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui conceived especially for Carlos Acosta and his company’s dancer Marta Ortega.

With this European tour, Acosta Danza will conclude its schedule of international presentations for 2017.


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