Tarps for Dominica


In view of all the traumatic events occurring in the Caribbean (and around the world), we are sharing some of the calls for aid for our brothers and sisters. In 2013, Holly Bynoe, with a team of visionaries and activists on Bequia, started Rise Up Bequia to aid in the relief of the Christmas Day floods. Since then it has become a registered NGO, and they work across St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but mainly in Bequia, focusing on the environment, education, etc. Bynoe writes:

“What started out as an initiative to aid our citizens in times of need is now showing itself, and we cannot ignore the calling to attend to our neighbours, families, friends, colleagues, to our Caribbean massive. Rise Up Bequia is working in partnership with Bremol Inc. – Freight Forwarders & Consolidators out of Miami, and today we launch a GoFundMe campaign ‘1000 tarps for Dominica’ to help our sister island and our brothers and sisters whose lives have been impacted by Hurricane Maria.”

Please donate generously.

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