New book: Biography of Enith Brigitha


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Enith Brigitha: Zwemmen in de schaduw van doping [Enith Brigitha: Swimming in the Shadow of Doping]

Jeannette van Ditzhuijzen

Volendam (Netherlands): LM Publishers, September 2017

196 pages

ISBN 978-9460224560 (paperback)

From the publisher:

Enith Brigitha (Curaçao, 1955) could swim like the best of them. And as long as the women swimmers from the GDR (German Democratic Republic, or East Germany) stayed home, she won virtually every race. However, whenever the GDR swimmers were present, they would claim all the gold medals. It was not until 1990 that Enith understood why: the GDR had systematically administered dope to its young swimmers, without their knowledge. Enith did not stand a chance against those artificial muscles, because using drugs herself was not a thought she even entertained. For Enith, the two bronze Olympic medals that she won in 1976 have a golden edge. Because, if it had not been for her dope-using rivals from the GDR, the gold would most likely have gone to her.

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Book trailer (in Dutch):

For more about Enith Brigitha, see our previous post Curaçao-born Enith Brigitha inducted into International Swimming Hall of Fame.

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