New Album: “Havana Meets Kingston”


Havana Meets Kingston,” produced by Mista Savona, will be released on November 3 by VP Records/17 North Parade. Howard Campbell (Jamaica Observer) describes it as “a concept album marrying the sounds of Cuba and Jamaica.” Looking forward to this!

Produced by Australian Jake “Mista Savona” Savona, it will be released two years after he and a team of top reggae musicians visited the Cuban capital for recording sessions with some of Cuba’s most revered exponents of the Afro-Cuban sound.

Famed drum-and-bass duo Sly and Robbie made the trip with Savona in June 2015, along with guitarist Winston “Bo Pee” Bowen and percussionist Bongo Herman. From the sessions come 15 songs including versions of Chan, Chan, El Cuarto DeTula and ‘Candela, which first gained international acclaim in the late 1990s through the groundbreaking album/documentary Buena Vista Social Club.

Ronaldo Luna and Barbarito Torres, who played on that album, also worked on Havana Meets Kingston. They put their stamp on classic reggae songs like Marley’s Rastaman Vibration (done as Vibracion Positive); The Congos’ Row Fisherman Row; and 100 Pounds of Collie, which also features Turbulence, Randy Valentine, and Prince Alla.

A documentary capturing the recording sessions is slated for release in 2018. [. . .]

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