Macka B’s Green Music


A report by Alexandra Simon for Caribbean Life News.

Taking a greener approach to music.

British reggae musician Macka B’s forthcoming album “Health is Wealth,” is slated to come out next week on Sept. 29. The veteran artist’s new project will include his widely popular and viral internet song “Cucumba” — a funny pro-green tune that gained him new audiences worldwide. The artist says he always wanted to advocate healthy-eating in music to raise more consciousness.

“For the longest time I wanted to do social commentary on conscious things, and I always try to be positive. But I also see the lack of health awareness and too many funerals — and I want to try and do something about it,” said Macka. “Music is a powerful medium that’s why I put my message in that form because it really gets through to people.”

For more than three decades, Macka has practiced a plant-based diet, avoiding dairy and and meat out of his love of animals. And one of the ways he tries to promotes his healthy eating lifestyle to others is through his music — all while making a few light-hearted jokes along the way, he said.

“People bring down their defenses on certain subjects when something is funny,” he said. “With healthy-eating, I put a little humor in there and the young people gravitate to it, and I find that this is better than saying to people ‘Don’t eat this or that,’ you have to be positive.”

And his pro-health stance has been welcomed by many. When a video of Macka singing “Cucumba,” went viral, it was reshared and even celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Diana Ross were sharing his video on their social media. He was ecstatic.

“The reaction was amazing,” said Macka. “I was only doing something I would do anyway, but it got a lot of people thinking about getting healthy.”

The album also features another song, “Wha Me Eat,” where Macka’s discusses his experience and the reactions he gets when identifying as vegan. But the album is not just about his journey and love of green foods. He approaches subjects like peer pressure and doubts, and even pays tribute to some legendary Jamaican artists in a few songs. Fans can get a full experience of his talents, according to Macka.

“Being healthy is only one part of who Macka is,” he said. “But you’ll get a full 360 of me. ‘Health is Wealth’ is an album that got some things about healthy-eating and a few cultural tracks showing what Macka is all about.”

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