Cable Bahamas Provides Immediate Relief to Evacuees from Southern Bahamian Islands


Amidst all the bad news and uncertainty, it is always uplifting to read a bit of good news. Cable Bahamas wasted no time in providing support to those residents most impacted by the ravages of Hurricane Irma:

According to Vice President of Marketing, David Burrows, “While our primary objective was to ensure the continuity of services across all business entities and the quick restoration of any impacted services, our relief teams were mobilised from before the storm hit. We liaised with shelter administrators where the evacuees were housed at the Kendal GL Isaacs Gym and New Providence Community Centre (NPCC) to ensure they had a means of staying up to date with the latest news and entertainment.”

The communications provider made an executive decision to not only provide support post hurricane but to also release a prototype TV app to evacuees, shelter administrators and Royal Bahamas Defence Force officers residing at the two shelters. “This was an easy decision,” Burrows stated. “A category 5 hurricane was barreling towards The Bahamas and we held an app that we knew would be a life changer to those impacted.” According to the VP, the company will launch their TV anywhere app; REVGO Play to the public later this year. Shelter residents were able to watch local and international news as well as movies on the app.

REV staff also jumped into action to supply non-perishable items to those less fortunate than themselves. Marketing Manager, Melissa Colebrook thanked staff for their generosity adding, “REV staff gave from the heart. Not only did they donate goods, but they gave of their time by helping to feed and entertain the families housed at NPCC, as well as boxing up goods for shipping”. The communications company provided food and entertainment throughout the week following Hurricane Irma as well as giving a helping hand to local charity, Hands for Hunger. “We immediately reached out to our partners; the Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA), National Culinary Team member and local restaurateur Chef Owen Bain as well as Milo Butler Distributors, to provide relief to those most impacted,” stated Colebrook.

According to BHTA President, Carlton Russell, the relief efforts could only be described as “immensely gratifying”. The executive continued, “Cable Bahamas’ efforts to engage a National Culinary Team Member; a top Bahamian Chef, to feed the families who were in the care of Pastor Matthew Sweeting and his incredible team at the NPCC Shelter post Hurricane Irma, was greatly appreciated. It was truly heartwarming to see how many people; businesses, schools, corporate citizens like Cable Bahamas, rushed to assist those of affected by Irma.” [. . .]



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