Acacia Network, Inc., in response to the most catastrophic hurricane to hit our beloved Island in almost a century, has launched a national relief effort to assist the people of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the devastation they are experiencing. Acacia Network, the largest Puerto Rican non-profit organization in the U.S., in partnership with other organizations, government, and private entities is mobilizing to provide critical relief directly to the victims of Hurricane Maria. Acacia’s leadership and Board have committed $1 million dollars to kick off the AyudaPuertoRico or DonatePuertoRico campaign and request matching funds.

The impact of Hurricane Maria will be felt, both on the Island and the mainland, for a long time to come. With the total loss of electric power and catastrophic flood waters, many parts of the Island are uninhabitable. The first response needed at this time is cash donations to assist with their immediate needs — clearing the roads, getting medicine to the sick and injured, and helping the most vulnerable residents, the elderly and the very young. “We plan to have the Acacia team on the first flights to Puerto Rico as a part of our initial response, and to keep you informed,” said Raul Russi, CEO Acacia Network. “We will work onsite with the various communities, people, and entities in Puerto Rico to best determine what is needed and where.”

Acacia Network is organizing this national effort to support the people of Puerto Rico. 100% of ALL donations will go directly to victims of this hurricane. All contributions, no matter how large or small, make a difference.

Please visit www.DonatePuertoRico.com or www.AyudaPuertoRico.com for more details on the work being done.

Acacia Network, the leading Latino integrated care nonprofit in the nation, offers the community, from children to seniors, a pathway to behavioral and primary healthcare, housing, and empowerment. We are visionary leaders transforming the triple aim of high quality, great experience at a lower cost. Acacia champions a collaborative environment to deliver vital health, housing and community building services. Acacia’s behavioral health services care for people with substance and/or mental illness within a comprehensive set of 31 programs including detoxification, adult, youth, and women and children residential treatment, ambulatory treatment including medication assisted treatment, mental health outpatient and strength based day treatment, community residences, and supportive housing. Our primary health care is delivered through 7 health care centers, 5 of which are Federally Qualified Health Centers, along with our Medicaid Certified Health Home Care Coordinators, and skilled nursing facility for people with HIV. Academic enrichment and supports are delivered in over 15 academic enhancement programs, and our 8 senior centers provide meals and social and cultural activities. Acacia Network manages over 5,000 units of housing across the continuum. People in need of housing find stability, case management, and community affiliation in our transitional, supportive, and affordable housing units. All of our tenants are part of the larger Acacia Network family and linked to our fully integrated services. Acacia Network is led by Raul Russi, Chief Executive Officer, Honorable Hector Diaz, President, Pamela Mattel, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Milton DeRienzo, Chief Financial Officer, David Glasel, Chief Legal Officer, and Jose Rodriquez, Executive Vice President and Special Counsel.

For more information, see https://www.acacianetwork.org/


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