Juan Luis Guerra electrifies historic New York venue


Dominican Today reports that the Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra “electrified” his audience at the historic New York venue, United Palace Theater, on September 14 and 16, and I must concur—electrify he did! I consider myself extremely lucky (thanks, Lisa!) to have been there.

Guerra showed his true colors as an extraordinary performer, his band was absolutely out of this world, and the young singer-songwriter who provided the opening act, Techy Fatule, was also impressive. Guerra and his exceptional musicians provided a great balance, mixing songs from his most recent album (Todo tiene su hora) with his iconic oldies. And yes, there was an incredible energy through the evening, and we were all singing along. Dominican Today writes:

Juan Luis Guerra revisited his hits and performed his compositions from the album which provided the title to his tour “Todo tiene su hora” (everything has its hour) during the first performance Thursday night at United Palace Theater, in the heart of Washington Heights.

The chords of the composition “Cookies and Cream” catapulted the standing-room-only audience from their seats, with little room for taking a breather [from that moment on]. Most of the public stood throughout the concert and sang along the repertoire of the most famous Dominican artist.

Source: https://dominicantoday.com/dr/people/2017/09/15/juan-luis-guerra-electrifies-icon-nyc-venue/

Also see https://www.listindiario.com/entretenimiento/2017/09/11/481998/techy-fatule-abrira-conciertos-de-juan-luis-guerra-en-nueva-york

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