Photaumnales Festival 2017

Mythes au bidons

[Our congratulations to Nadia Huggins, who is one of the photographers featured in the Couleurs Pays section of this exciting exhibition.] The 14th edition of the Photaumnales Festival will be on view from October 14 to December 31, 2017, at Le Quadrilatère gallery in Beauvais, France. The opening will take place on October 14, at 2:00pm. Organized in three sections—COULEURS PAYS, COULEURS QUÉBEC, and COULEURS HONG-KONG—the Caribbean will be at the center of the exhibition.

For a long time, the festival team has been forging personal ties with the Caribbean territories. Over the years, as a result, the idea arose to highlight the photographic creation of these regions at the heart of this 14th edition of the Photaumnales.

There will be over 30 photographers represented at the gallery. The exhibition, including photographs from historical collections and images by contemporary artists, will offer perspectives of the overseas territories of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Different periods and variety of viewpoints will form a rich mosaic in which human activities, industrial traditions, landscapes and identity, societal and environmental issues intersect.

General curatorial direction: Diaphane
Curators of contemporary photography: Fred Boucher, Adriana Wattel
Curator of historical photography: Véronique Masini

Armand Benoît-Jeannette – Musée Régional d’Histoire et d’Ethnographie de la Martinique
Denise Colomb – Ministère de la Culture / Médiathèque de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine
Arlette Rosa-Lameynardie – Archives Départementales de la Martinique
Félix Rose-Rosette – Musée Régional d’Histoire et d’Ethnographie de la Martinique Collection de la Fondation Clément

Jean-Baptiste Barret
Steeve Cazaux
Robert Charlotte
Charles Chulem-Rousseau
David Damoison
Sylvain Duffard
Mujesira Elezovic
Gilles Elie-dit-Cosaque
Daniel Goudrouffe
Anabell Guerrero
Nadia Huggins
Françoise Huguier
Jean-Luc de Laguarigue
Yoann Lamon
Jean-François Manicom
Nicolas Nabajoth
Weena Ouensanga
Magali Paulin
Jean Popincourt
Shirley Rufin
Les étudiants du Campus Caraïbéen des Arts de la Martinique

Steve Veilleux
Robert Walker

Tina Merandon
Pascale Peyret
Beatrix von Conta

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