‘Aunt V,’ the World’s Oldest Woman, Dies in Jamaica at 117


Angela Helm (The Grapevine) writes that ‘Aunt V,’ the world’s oldest woman, recently died in Jamaica at 117 years old. Aunt V, whose real name was Moss Brown, said she remembered when cars, airplanes and electricity first arrived in Jamaica:

Moss Brown, who was born on March 10, 1900, grabbed the Guinness World Record following the death of previous record-holder Emma Morano, of Italy, who died at the very same age.

When she was named the world’s oldest person in April, she answered the question everyone asks … what’s the secret to longevity? “I eat everything,” she said, “except pork and chicken. And I don’t drink rum and them things.”

A devout Christian Moss Brown reportedly has been in church since she was a child, and was the organist for more than 80 years. The New York Daily News reports that the super-centenarian (those who live over 110 years) actually outlived at least one of her children. Days after being named the world’s oldest person, her son, Harold Fairweather died at age 97.

Another one of her children, Russell Brown, 85, said his mother didn’t look well on Saturday and was taken to a doctor who said she was dehydrated. Less than a week later, she died at Fairview Medical Centre in Montego Bay, St. James Parish, on Friday afternoon, after being transported there from Duanvile JAmacia, where her family has lived for more than 200 years.

Moss Brown said she remembers when cars, airplanes and electricity came to Jamaica.

Her granddaughter and great granddaughter have established the Violet Moss foundation to help care for the island nation’s elderly.

God bless her long, long, life.

Source: http://thegrapevine.theroot.com/aunt-v-the-worlds-oldest-woman-dies-in-jamaica-at-1-1818473811

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