Flatbush Recognized as Hub of Caribbean Culture, Business, Community


The following press release announces the designation of “Little Caribbean” of a section in Brooklyn–along Flatbush Avenue from Empire to Nostrand Avenues (aka the Junction), Church Avenue from Flatbush to New York Avenues and Nostrand Avenue from Empire to Flatbush Avenues. This is the result of an initiative by Caribbeing:

A neighborhood in Brooklyn will soon be home to the first official “Little Caribbean” community in New York, the U.S. and the world.

Cultural venture Caribbeing, an organization that illuminates the global Caribbean experience through arts and culture, is announcing the recognition of Little Caribbean as the city celebrates the golden anniversary of the West Indian American Day Parade in NYC September 4. Little Caribbean will stimulate the promotion and development of food, culture and small businesses in Flatbush, East Flatbush, home to one of the largest populations of Caribbean immigrants in the country.

The initiative has received support from New York City Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs, the NYC Council, the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), NYC & Company, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, local Business Improvement Districts and Merchant Associations, and many others.

“The establishment of Little Caribbean in Brooklyn is a testament to the rich cultural and economic contributions West Indians have made to this city,” said Council Member Williams, who represents the district that encompasses the Flatbush Nostrand Junction. “The traditions and customs Caribbean Americans have made to New York has added to this city’s vibrancy and attracted millions of people from around the country to enjoy the food and music unique to the Caribbean islands. As the son of Grenadian parents, I’m looking forward to seeing the culture of the West Indies become an integral part of New York City.”

The footprint of Little Caribbean will run along Flatbush Avenue from Empire to Nostrand Avenues aka the Junction, Church Avenue from Flatbush to New York Avenues and Nostrand Avenue from Empire to Flatbush Avenues.

The organizers hope that the designation of the “Little Caribbean” will help create jobs and attract tourists to the area, benefitting the borough, the city and the state. “I’m proud to be a longtime supporter of the Little Caribbean, and I’m even prouder that this designation is coming to fruition,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, “Brooklyn is the epicenter of the Caribbean Diaspora, and this branding promises to have an incalculable value on the economic development and cultural pride of Flatbush and East Flatbush.”

The project was spearheaded by caribBEING, an organization that is emerging as a leading presenter of “all things Caribbean.”

“Brooklyn is home to one of the largest most diverse Caribbean communities in the world and we see this as an opportunity to preserve Caribbean cultural identities as well as our social, political and economic contributions to the development of New York City for generations to come,” said Shelley Worrell, Founder of Caribbeing. “We are very pleased to have received the support of so many important leaders in our community in recognizing Little Caribbean.”

Join the conversation with the Little Caribbean on Facebook (facebook.com/littlecaribbeannyc), Twitter (@CaribbeanBK), Instagram (@littlecaribbeannyc) and with the hashtag #LittleCaribbean.

For further information, members of the media may contact: Shelley V. Worrell at shelley@caribbeing.com

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