After Irma, St. Bart’s does not expect anything from the state


A week after Hurricane Irma on the island of Saint-Barthélemy (St. Bart’s) the president of the Saint-Barthélemy community, Bruno Magras, said he that the island does not need help from the state and affirmed that it has the means to get back on its feet.

Emmanuel Macron was expected today (Wednesday, September 13) on St. Bart’s, almost a week after the passage of Hurricane Irma. But, according to Magras, the island does not expect anything from the state.

“No, we do not need the State,” Magras told FranceInfo. “If the state wishes to help us, of course it is natural as a Frenchman to be helped by the State because it is in fact the owner of the territory.” But the president of the community warned: “We are not going to beg to the State and mope in a corner saying that everyone must at all costs help us. We have fiscal autonomy, and I will not ask the French who pay taxes to make me their contribution.”


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