New Book Explores Revolutionary Life of Raul Castro


A report from TeleSur.

The release of the book was celebrated with a forum at Havana’s historic Plaza San Francisco.

Cuban political scientist and author Abel Enrique Gonzalez Santamaria has just released a new book about President Raul Castro, who is set to step down in five months.

“Raul Castro and Our America: 86 Speeches, Interventions and Declarations” sheds light on his role as minister of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces from 1959 until 2008, when he was elected to become the country’s president. It also highlights his time served as leader of the Cuban government since then.

The release of the book, which was published by Ocean Sur press, was celebrated with a forum at Havana’s historic Plaza San Francisco.

The 86 speeches addressing the realities and perspectives of Latin America span from a 1959 press interview Raul gave at an Organization of American States meeting in Chile to a 2017 speech delivered at the Fifth Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States in the Dominican Republic.

In order to complete his research, Santamaria reviewed 1,468 public documents commissioned by the Cuban leader. They range from his almost five-decade-long role as military chief to most of his service as the country’s president.

Alongside his brother, Fidel, Raul “has fought for more than 60 years against imperial hegemony and has succeeded in helping Cuba reach true independence,” Santamaria said.

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