Dominican cassava comes to the U.S.


Calling it an iconic Dominican cassava, Dominican Today reports that “the appetizing cassava from Moca, Dominican Republic, started its trek into the US market, now available in local supermarkets and grocery stores, as well as other states such as Massachusetts, with a high consumer demand.”

The tuber, in its Valencian variety, arrives frozen to Dominican and Latino consumers for the first time, with quality packaging which the US Agriculture Department requires. Businessman Eligio Peña, distributor of cassava (yuca de Moca) and founder of the National Supermarkets Association (NSA), said the high demand is because its arrival has been awaited for decades.

“Until now, Costa Rica’s cassava maintained the dominance in the local market,” Peña said, affirming Moca’s flavor “is superior in quality, one of the factors that makes it tastier.”


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