2017 Las Tunas Carnival


There is no way to know whether this will be canceled due to Hurricane Irma, but, in eastern Cuba, the Las Tunas Carnival is scheduled to take place from September 20 to 24, when everyone will hear the beating of drums in different areas of Las Tunas, with lines of congas, krewes, and floats. Until 1952, the festivities were dedicated to San Jerónimo, patron saint of the city. Some related events are scheduled for September 15, 16 and 17, to celebrate the Los Pinos Nuevo conga. Julián Velázquez (Periódico 26) reports:

Less noisy, but perhaps more intense, are the days for the organizers of the event, who bet on an austere Carnival in terms of financial and material resources, as imposed by the circumstances, but with all the guarantees for locals and visitors to enjoy the festivity.

The organizers reported that the Las Tunas 2017 Carnival parades will be held on September 20 through the Camilo Cienfuegos avenue, in Buena Vista neighborhood; the 21 and 22, through the November 30 and December 2 avenues; and the 23 and 24, through the Vicente García street, with the traditional participation of congas, krewes, floats and other attractions that give color and beauty to these fiestas.

The Festival of Costumes and the Children’s Carnival will be held on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 respectively; the latter includes numerous artistic projects and the opening of three areas where performances of puppets and clowns will contribute to children’s enjoyment in the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.

Festivals of congas, krewes and floats are scheduled for September 15, 16 and 17, in the Vicente García Street and the Cultural Plaza, which will homage the Los Pinos Nuevo conga that celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

The Carnival of this city [has] its origin in the parties of slave councils of the 19th century, a tradition that continued with the festivities dedicated to San Jerónimo, patron saint of the city, until 1952 when adopted its present expression. These popular fiestas have been held in recent years in the month of September, when the inhabitants of Las Tunas celebrate the founding of this city on the 30th.

[Photo above: 2016 Las Tunas Festival from http://www.radiorebelde.cu/noticia/se-abrieron-cortinas-carnaval-tunas-2016-20160922/.]

Source: http://www.periodico26.cu/index.php/en/culture/item/5042-las-tunas-prepares-2017-carnival

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