Bob Marley Keyboardist Wailer ‘Wya’ Lindo Dies


Dancehall Hip Hop (DHH) reports that Bob Marley‘s former band member and famed keyboardist Earl “Wya” Lindo died yesterday, September 6, 2017:

The Wailers manager, Lennie Chen [. . .] wrote on Facebook that Wya linked up with The Wailer band earlier this year for a tour and he fit right in without any rehearsal. “The wailers called on Wya to do some shows in the UK this march gone 2017. Without any rehearsal after many years of not playing together he fit right in like clockwork, he said. “The Wailers family was so happy to reunite with Wya and I’m happy that they had the opportunity to do it one more time, not knowing this would be the last time we have lost a musical angel today…the Wailers family will always cherish the good times and the wonderful music you gave to the world. RIP Earl Wya Lindo you were a big part of the greatest reggae band of all times Bob Marley and the wailers.”

Members of the reggae music community including The Wailers, Maxi Priest, Clive Hunt, Mark Miller, and Clinton Fearon have all been paying tribute to Wya Lindo on social media. [. . .]

“There is only one Earl “Wya” Lindo, and today he went home to join Bob, Peter, & Carly for a mystical jam session in Zion,” The Wailers said in a statement. “This teenage musical genius, producer & visionary was the first invited to join Bob, Peter & Bunny when his reputation & talent reached Bob’s ears… We are so proud that Wya joined us in March 2017 for our UK tour…keeping The Wailers music & message alive…his contribution to Reggae and the music industry on a whole will never be forgotten… We love you brother Wya, and you shall never be forgotten, you are forever in our hearts… once a Wailer, a Wailer forever.”


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