A post by Peter Jordens.

RepeatingIslands has posted previously on Curaçao’s extraordinary capacity for producing world-class baseball talent. See Curaçao becomes unlikely supplier of Major League players and Curaçao Little League baseball teams star in documentary.

In a recent column for Major League Baseball, Joe Posnansky argues that Curaçao-born Andrelton Simmons, shortstop for the California Angels, “is having the best season of his career, a season so good that he’s very much in the discussion for the American League MVP [Most Valuable Player] Award.” Here is the part of the article that might be of most interest to our readers:

“Curaçao is an island country with a population of roughly 160,000 people. There are roughly as many people in Peoria, Ariz., as there are on the entire island of Curaçao. And yet two of the greatest defensive players in baseball history ― Andruw Jones and Simmons ― are from Curaçao. Not only that, but you could make a viable argument (one many would disagree with, but a viable one) that Jones is the greatest defensive center fielder ever and Simmons will be the greatest defensive shortstop ever when he’s done. This is bizarre and wonderful.”

Note: Andrew Jones was a serious candidate for National League MVP in 2005, when he had his best offensive year as centerfielder for the Atlanta Braves; he finished second in the MVP vote to Dominican-American Albert Pujols.

Posnansky’s complete column on Andrelton Simmons is available here:

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