Caribbean governments urged to support victims of sex crimes


A report from Loop Cayman.

The Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes, an initiative of the Zandoli International Foundation, is calling on all Caribbean governments to do what is necessary to ensure that their citizens get proper victims support for all categories of crime, especially sex crimes.

Chairman of the initiative, Jonathan Bhagan, says it has come to their attention that regionally many of the NGOs that support victims of sex crime throughout of the Caribbean are underfunded and understaffed.

He said their contacts on the ground in Dominica report that there is no rape trauma counselling centre on the entire island. The news he said is especially troubling as without proper counselling a victim of a sex crime may never recover from their abuse.

“We would like to highlight the fundamental importance of counselling for victims of sex crime and the work that Rape Crisis centres do. The entire society reaps the benefits of spending money to support victims of sex crime,” he stated.

According to UN statistics from 2015, the Caribbean has among the highest rates of sexual violence in the world. Thirty per cent of rape victims have had a major depressive episode, while 13 per cent of rape victims have attempted suicide at a rate 13 times higher than non-rape victims.

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