New Film: “Extraterrestres”


Extraterrestres [Extraterrestrials] by Puerto Rican director Carla Cavina, was completed in October 2016 and has been making the rounds in film festivals since then. In November 2016, the film had its national premiere at the Puerto Rico Queer Film Fest, winning the Audience Award for Best Feature Film. It has just had begun screening on theaters the island. This this co-production (Puerto Rico/Venezuela) stars Sunshine Logroño, Marisé Alvarez, Elba Escobar, and Prakriti Maduro. IMDB writes: “A family, 100,000 chickens with a death sentence, a secret that will unveil all family secrets, and a star 2,500 million light years away that will make them understand that we all are metaphorically Extraterrestrials.” [Many thanks to Maritza Stanchich for bringing this item to our attention.]

Synopsis (Chicago Latino Film Festival): Teresa couldn’t have chosen a worse time to return to Puerto Rico, after seven years, to share with her very conservative family the news that she plans to marry fellow astronomer Daniela. Her father’s poultry processing plant is the target of both corrupt elements of the Puerto Rican government and the U.S. poultry industry that want to drive it out of business. She delays the news and even lies about it; Daniela’s decision to travel to the island and force Teresa’s hand will reveal the many secrets the family has been keeping from each other.

Vimeo writes: Carla [Cavina] was born in Puerto Rico on September 30, 1975. In 1993, she published her first collection of poems, Corredora de sueños (Dream Chaser). She was admitted at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, where she majored in Photography. In 2003, having worked as a photojournalist and a photography teacher, she co-founded a workshop and production house named El Taller Cinemático. In April of that year, she wrote the short story “Ratones” (Mice), which received an honorable mention in the 7th Annual Short Story Contest conducted by the local newspaper, El Nuevo Día. From 2003 until 2009, she worked for Proyecto de Comunicación, led by the island’s public broadcasting network, aimed at teaching socially marginalized communities the uses of video and film as a communication tool. She directed over 20 short films under this initiative. As filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, director, and editor she made the shorts films ¿Tienes Fuego? (Got a Light? 2007); the video art piece Ming I o El oscurecimiento de la luz (2008); the short film El cielo de los ratones (Mice Heaven, 2009); and the short film ¿Nos conocemos? (Have We Met? 2014). Between 2012 and 2013 she was a columnist for the virtual magazine 80 grados.

Extra Terrestres (Extra Terrestrials), written, directed and produced by Carla, is her first feature film. She received two scholarships, one to participate in a workshop on the development of feature length films at the Fundación Carolina, in Madrid, Spain, and the other for an Ibermedia development workshop in Costa Rica.

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