New Book: “Adiós mi Habana”


A book presentation of Adiós mi Habana (Editorial Verbum, 2017) by Anna Veltfort will take place at Altamira Libros, located at 219 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, Florida, on October 27 at 8:00pm. Here is a brief blurb by Veltfort:

Description (Verbum): I have narrated the years that I lived in Cuba in this book, an autobiographical comic book, which I have written and illustrated in the form of a graphic novel. Pío Serrano, founder of Editorial Verbum, a friend and classmate at the University of Havana, has been kind enough to publish it now.

It has been my purpose to portray, from my perspective and personal experience, the experience of those years of the 60’s, in the past century, at the School of Letters of the University of Havana, a reality erased and forgotten for many.

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