Belly full of laughs at Caribbean Comedy Explosion


A report from Loop News Barbados.

If you wanted a night full of guaranteed laughter, there was nowhere else to be but the refurbished Garfield Sobers Gymnasium on Saturday.

That’s when the CARIFESTA XIII fringe event, Caribbean Comedy Explosion, exemplified the spirit of regional unity and took to the stage for what was truly an explosive night of laughing out loud.

MC Mac Fingall revved up the crowd with his usual call out to the Caribbean, setting the audience’s anticipation high for the rest of the night.

Then the first performer was up – Jumpie from Guyana.

He had spectators “skinning they teeth” as he spoke about all things mouth or teeth rather, as he deeply examined the colour, usefulness and authenticity of teeth in particular.

We stayed with Guyana as Odessa Primus was up next.

‘Miss World Wide’ brought a comical flavour to serious topics, such as the Guyanese-Bajan connection. Yes, we did get a glimpse into how they “keep stealing Bajan men “, as well as the injustice done to “fat women in songs such as Freezy’s Split In De Middle – “How we suppose to do that!” She also gave her remedy to fellow women of size – don’t let your men near any fete and when he sees it on television say it’s special effects.

Stiffy may have come on stage to perform some of his hit songs, but the audience was plugged into all when he shared his life experience and advice to men – “keep ya mouth shut”.

He then took them to another level when he dropped hits such as Garden (Maintenance Man) and even had one particular woman in the crowd ready to “tek off something and pelt it way”.

Trinidadian Darryl Mendoza had the crowd in an uproar with his words for airlines and their crash policies, as well as for drunk men who go home to their partners – “go straight to bed”.

Barbados’ Rum and Koke rocked the Gymnasium with laughter as they brought their usual satire and clever jokes which the crowd absolutely loved.

Highlighting a number of social and cultural issues in Barbados, such as an interview between Holla Bak and Admiral Nelson on Festival Stage during the recent Crop Over Festival, the Prime Minister’s responses to what is happening in the country, as well as violence and the use of social media, they certainly had the audience engaged during their entire performance.

You know Ity and Fancy Cat were going to get the crowd involved from the beginning, as this Jamaican pair entered the Gymnasium from the audience inspecting all who were “hair”. They also gave the crowd some not so sound advice on how Barbados should arrest the growing crime concern and other topics such as owning Remy hair, while also encouraging persons to proudly “own” their clothes and not be afraid to wear them more than once.

Caribbean Comedy Explosion

Queen Archiebull Cox came out with a bang with a “split in de middle”. From NSRL to non-bedroom strategies… yes, that’s “non” “bedroom”… (s)he brought spectators alive and was applauded for words of upliftment to the people of Barbados.

It was back to Trinidad and Tobago with Errol Fabien who had the crowd’s mouths watering with his pastry song, highlighting some of his favourite treats. The audience seemed to be in agreement with him that the love ‘Fuh Quiche’ was best. It wasn’t just about food, however, as he also shook the gym with laughter as he touched on Caribbean airline LIAT and relationships, as well as social, economic and political issues in the Caribbean.

Keneath Supersad had maybe a little too much fun with Mac Fingall. The Trinidadian did not flatter Fingall about his lack of cricketing skills and the crowd loved every bit of the banter which also touched on Trevor Eastmond⁠⁠⁠⁠.

Laff-It-Off turned the entire gymnasium floor into their platform as they brought a unique twist on national issues such as violence, relationships, calypso, and more. They finished their performance with a bang, hopping off the stage and running around the Gymnasium.

Learie Joseph from Trinidad and Tobago brought some help along for his presentation. His skit about two seniors gave a glimpse into the saucy and not-so-saucy adventures of old age. Next it was time for comedy heavyweight Trevor Eastmond of Barbados and he did not disappoint. From government ministers to social ills, there was no subject too contentious for him to touch on. He told Loop that he just loves to give people “nuff laughs” and that was evident during his performance.

When asked about the night, spectators who had recovered enough from their laughter to speak to Loop all said they had a great time.

“It was wonderful,” Lisa Yarde said while still cackling, “I haven’t had a good laugh like that in so long.”

She was with Jason Davis who agreed: “Just perfect. I was well worth every cent.”

“I love it!” shouted Peter Cadogan, who, along with the big group with him, was already reminiscing on the night in laughter.

They all made it clear that if you weren’t there you missed a belly full of laughter.

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