“Over It”: an experimental music showcase


Heavy Days and Edge Zones will host “Over It,” an experimental music showcase to take place at Edge Zones Gallery (3317 NW 7th Avenue Circle, Miami, Florida) on September 2, 2017; doors open at 8:00pm. Edge Zones’ Charo Oquet writes: “Join in watching performances by the fringe of South Florida, projects that don’t sound like that other band that was playing last week.” Admission is free; donations will be accepted for performers.

*Akin Mannequin – Bruised Goth
*Human Coin- Noise + Garbage
*Das Sad – Frequency Manipulation
*I’m Your Knife – Drowned Art Rock
*Night Foundation -Synth Expeditions

[Showcase produced by Edge Zones and arranged by Heavy Days.]

Contact Charo Oquet at 305 303 8852 or edgezones@me.com

For more information, visit http://www.edgezones.org/Over_it.html and http://www.edgezones.org/About_EZ.html

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