“The Mas in Fashion”—Parade against Human Trafficking


Caribbean Life reports that plans are underway for the staging of a history-making presentation, as YET SHE RISE, INC, in association with the Brooklyn-based JLC PRoductions, LLC for CAFE – Caribbean American Fashion Exchange and the World Fashion Festival Organization, presents “The Mas in Fashion — A Fashion Parade Against Human Trafficking” on Labor Day during the New York Caribbean Carnival Parade.

According to Janice Lawrence-Clarke, the Trinidadian-born designer and president of JLC Productions, “The Mas in Fashion — A Fashion Parade Against Human Trafficking,” while celebrating Caribbean culture and New York City’s position in fashion’s global hierarchy, also takes a stand against the plague of human trafficking.

Through partnership with YET SHE RISE, Inc., Lawrence-Clarke said the goal is to “one day stop human trafficking and help in rebuilding strength and confidence in innocent, abused and exploited young women from Puerto Rico, The Bahamas and the Caribbean.”

Lawrence-Clarke said “The Mas in Fashion — A Fashion Parade” will present the works of accessories and clothing designers who are encouraged to show between one to five of their most innovative creations.

“A first-time event in the New York Caribbean Carnival which celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, the fashion parade will give spectators a choreographed view” from several designers. These include Melissa Edwards (Jamaica), Noir Collins (Jamaica), Akeisha Bowles (Montserrat), Bridget Ward (St. Vincent and the Grenadines), Steven Daniel and Donna Dove (Trinidad and Tobago), Terance Taitt (Bermuda), and Bryan K. Osburn (United States). [. . . ]

For full article, see http://www.caribbeanlifenews.com/stories/2017/9/2017-09-01-nk-mas-in-fashion-cl.html


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