New Book—”Acueducto: Historia del Agua en San Juan”


Librería Laberinto recently announced the publication of Acueducto: Historia del agua en San Juan [Aqueduct: The History of Water in San Juan] by Aníbal Sepúlveda Rivera.

Description: This book is an indispensable piece for the work of recovery and conservation of the Old Aqueduct of Río Piedras. It invites the reader to think about the drinking water of the city as a natural and physical necessity, and at the same time as a symbol and driving force of the city’s history.

Water is life. Humanity and its development depend on it. The book Acueducto: Historia del agua en San Juan, is a reminder of how human beings, employing the prudent use of nature, create urban environments where much of their economic and cultural life is generated. This publication is the result of thorough research between the relationship of human ingenuity, the management and conservation of water, and the ecosystems that serve as a source, in this case Río Piedras.

The work of historian and urban planner Aníbal Sepúlveda Rivera, who presents the history of the management of the water resource in the Capital, as well as the development, engineering design and construction of the Old Aqueduct of Río Piedras, is available for sale in various bookstores around the country. [. . .]

Also, according to the historian and communications professor Silvia Álvarez Curbelo, the book is a historical journey that takes the reader from the moment the first well was struck in El Morro, in the 16th century, until the Aqueduct began to operate, at the end of the verge of 19th century. [. . .]

For full review (in Spanish), see

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