Martinique: Alexandre Bernard, Aquatic Photographer


France TV recently featured underwater photographer Alexandre Bernard, from Martinique. The former surfer seems particularly gifted at “catching waves” at just the right moment. See original article, “Martinique: immersion avec Alexandre Bernard, photographe aquatique,” to view the photo gallery. Here are translated excerpts:


His name is Alexandre Bernard and he is an aquatic photographer. A discipline in which he immersed himself just a year and a half ago—a real challenge for this former soldier who enjoys playing with the elements.

It all began in an almost banal way. Alexandre, who has been surfing for 28 years and interested in photography for the last ten years, said to himself on day: “rather than photographing from the sand, it would be fun to have pictures from inside, in the water.” Initially it was only surf photos, and then during the periods of waiting between catching waves with his friends, a magnificent world opened up to him. [. . .]

For full article, video and photo gallery, see

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