Brooklyn Museum: J’Ouvert Forum and last weekend of “Life with Basquiat”


As we announced previously, there will be a J’Ouvert Forum at the Brooklyn Museum Biergarten, this Saturday, August 26, from 2:00-5:00pm, to discuss the cultural significance, updated parade route, and public safety initiatives of the pre-dawn Caribbean street festival that occurs hours leading up to the West Indian American Day Carnival in Brooklyn, New York.

This is also the final week to view Life with Basquiat, which depicts an experimental period before Basquiat’s meteoric rise in the art world, when Alexis Adler lived with Basquiat on East 12th Street in 1979 and 1980, on view through August 28, at Caribbeing House, Brooklyn Museum Biergarten (open Friday-Sunday, 11:00am-6:00pm, Thursdays, 11:00-10:00pm). [See previous post Caribbeing: one-month residency at the Brooklyn Museum features exhibition on Life with Basquiat.]

Description: Adler’s photographs offer a rare glimpse into the private life of the storied New York painter and street artist, as told through photographs—including images of his high school drawings and graffiti art. Adler met Basquiat in 1979, after she graduated from Barnard with a degree in biology. He was 19; she was 23. During their brief time together, Basquiat used whatever materials he could find to create mixed-media art. He made ends meet by selling sweatshirts on the street. Adler’s collection is a testament to Basquiat’s artistic genius in its formative years. “Throughout his short life, Jean Michael was a prolific artist, working with whatever he could get his hands on to create,” Adler said. “I’m happy to share my collection with the community via caribBEING and Brooklyn Museum as a way to pay tribute to the brilliance of my dear friend.”


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