New Edition: « Pirates juifs des caraïbes »


We have posted several reviews of the original version of Edward Kritzler’s Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean (see links below) since its first publication in 2012. The French edition also appeared in 2012, published by André Versaille Éditeur (Brussels) under the title Pirates juifs des caraïbes: l’incroyable histoire des protégés de Christophe Colomb. It has just been reissued by Éditions de l’éclat (2017).

Description (translated from the Éditions de l’éclat site): This book retraces the fabulous story of those Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal who, in the 16th century, managed to sail with the great explorers to clandestinely capture the New World and become pirates!

On board their ships, Queen Esther or The Prophet Samuel, these adventurers, who continue to practice their Judaism in secret, sow terror among the Spanish galleons. Continually persecuted, they finally find refuge in Jamaica, where Christopher Columbus and his family offer asylum to the Jews prosecuted by the Inquisition.

Among treasure hunts, the conquest of the Americas, and spy stories, we will find in these pages a multitude of colorful characters, such as the extraordinary rabbi-pirate Samuel Palache, who was still sailing at age 60 and founded the first Jewish community in Amsterdam; or brothers Moses and Abraham Cohen Henriques, two privateers in search of Columbus’ mythical gold mine. There is also the flamboyant figure of Antonio-Abraham Carjaval [sic; they mean Carvajal], the secret agent of Cromwell; or Sinan, commander of the fleet of Barbarossa and arch-enemy of Charles V.

Ed Kritzler, a recognized authority on Jamaica, has authored hundreds of articles on the island and in his 10 year tenure with the Jamaica Tourist Board, he was in charge of arranging and touring members of the foreign press and broadcast media. Serving as Jamaica’s film liaison officer he was responsible for over a dozen feature films and network documentaries.

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