A post by Peter Jordens.

Karen Walrond

Make Light: Stories of Bright Sparks, Slow Burns & Thriving Out Loud

Houston (TX): Bright Sky Press, forthcoming November 1, 2017

252 pages

ISBN 978-1942945444


Full color photographs

Description from the publisher

There comes a point in life where you begin to question whether it’s time to slow down. Whether you’re as attractive as you once were. Or as athletic. Or you begin to wonder what life’s supposed to be all about, anyway. This point in life ― and when it occurs varies from person to person ― this is when you Make LightMake Light is a chronicle of stories and imagery of people who make it their mission to thrive out loud ― who pursue passions and new businesses and breathtaking adventures. Who hone their minds, bodies, and spirits in ways that allow them to change their worlds. As you read their stories in these pages, you’ll be inspired by a new definition of what it means to “thrive” ― and discover the power of doing so lies only in our desire to Make LightMake Light is a visual work designed to connect you with your own power to change your world ― by listening to your own inner voice, identifying the gifts and passions that you have that were meant to be used to create light in your world, and also using them to create light in the lives of others. We were all designed to make light; this book is a beautiful reminder that it is entirely within your power to make it happen.


Karen Walrond is a nationally-recognized author and photographer who inspires others to find and celebrate their own uniqueness, through the power of storytelling. Her art has been featured in exhibits around the country. She has spoken around the world appearing on CNN, TEDxHouston, and the Oprah Winfrey Show. Through her book The Beauty of Different (Bright Sky Press, 2010), her blog Chookooloonks, her e-books, online courses and in-person retreats, she reminds us that our uniqueness, skills and stories have the power to connect in the most beautifully different ways. Karen is originally from Trinidad and Tobago, but currently lives in Houston, Texas, USA.


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