Caribbeing + Brooklyn Museum to Host Forum on J’Ouvert 


This event will feature a panel discussion on improved safety measures for carnival celebration. The forum is part of Brooklyn Museum’s J’Ouvert Storytelling event, which will take place in the Brooklyn Museum’s Sackler Center for Feminist Art on August 26 starting at 2:00pm. The forum will be followed by a reception in the Caribbeing House, located in the museum’s Biergarten, Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden.

After Caribbean Carnival celebrations in recent years ended in violence, two local organizations are joining with the Mayor’s office to organize a special forum on improved safety measures for the day of celebration this September.

Cultural venture Caribbeing, an organization that illuminates the global Caribbean experience through arts and culture, is partnering with the Brooklyn Museum to convene the definitive forum on J’ouvert. The goal is to inform residents about the new parade route and improved safety measures following unfortunate circumstances at the last two events.

J’ouvert, which means “dawn” or “daybreak” in some French-based creole Caribbean languages, is a large street festival held in many Caribbean countries notably Grenada and Trinidad & Tobago.

“Brooklyn Museum has historically stood at the crossroads of art, community and civic engagement and our public programs honor multiple voices in our surrounding communities,” said Lauren Zelaya of Brooklyn Museum. “With our geographic location at the intersection of J’Ouvert and the West Indian American Day Parade, we’re an obvious stakeholder in these conversations. We’re an institution that is committed to preserving the rich artistic traditions of cultures from across the globe. [. . .] Partnering with caribBEING and the Mayor’s office to do the important work of contextualizing, preserving, and engaging with the public to work toward an increased understanding about the diverse cultural traditions of our Caribbean neighbors–especially in a rapidly changing Brooklyn—is an essential part of this commitment.”

Panelists at the forum include Shanduke McPhatter of Gangsta’s Making Astronomical Community Changes (G-MACC), Council Member Jumaane D. Williams and Yvette Rennie, CEO of J’ouvert City International.

“As a lifelong Brooklyn resident who actively participated in both J’ouvert and the West Indian American Day parade for over two decades, we are honored to have been selected as one of the organizations by the Mayor’s Office Community Affairs to ensure community safety in 2017 and beyond,” said Shelley Worrell, founder of Caribbeing. “Brooklyn is home to a diverse population including the largest community of Caribbeans outside of the region, which means our culture, heritage and traditions are integral to the well-being of residents. I’m looking forward to a fruitful forum with our distinguished panelists and a peaceful and joyful J’ouvert celebration this year.”

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