Talleres: Experimental Women Filmmakers from Latin America


The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, California, presents “Talleres: Experimental Women Filmmakers from Latin America”—a screening of works by women filmmakers (co-presented with Los Angeles Filmforum) on Thursday, November 30, 2017, at 7:30pm.

Included in the showcase is Puerto Rican artist and filmmaker Poli Marichal with “Los espejismos de Mandrágora Luna” (Mandrágora Luna’s Phantoms), 1986. According to the artist, the image used in the promotional material [from her film—see above] shows artist/performer Roxana Riera Gata, the leading character, in a subconscious trip that leads to a coming to terms with her reality.

Description: Showcasing rare works by female filmmakers who carved out a place within the male-dominated world of Latin American independent film, this program includes Uruguayan filmmaker Lydia García Millán’s Color (1955), one of the first abstract experimental films from Latin America; Narcisa Hirsch’s Workshop (1975); the politically charged Super 8 experiments by Puerto Rican underground artist Poli Marichal; and recent video essays by Mexican artist Ximena Cuevas. Curated by Ángela López Ruiz.

For more information, see https://hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events/2017/11/talleres-experimental-women-filmmakers-from-latin-america/

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