Paseo 206 Boutique Hotel: An Embrace of Exclusiveness and Exquisiteness


Along with gradual changes over the last few years, boutique hotels have been popping up in Cuba. OnCuba magazine presents Havana’s Paseo 206 Boutique Hotel and its upscale restaurant, Ecléctico:

[. . .] On one of the city’s principal avenues, in an environment that harmonizes the rhythms of modernity with the beauty of the architecture, the hotel offers its clients personalized attention. The quiet comfort of a home with the splendor of a deluxe installation.

“The word standard doesn’t exist for us,” underlined Andrea Gallina, owner of the Paseo 206 Boutique Hotel together with his wife Diana Saínz. Andrea is Italian and Diana is Cuban, which gives the place its own hallmark, born of the combination of both cultures. “A warm embrace between Cuba and Italy,” its owners like to say.

The welcome to this impeccable combination is Ecléctico. Named for the architectural style of the building it shares with the hotel, this Italian ristorante takes to the table an unparalleled culinary concept in all of Cuba. Exclusiveness, care and inspiration are values that distinguish it. [. . .]

Ecléctico is a complementary service of the Paseo 206 Boutique Hotel. It takes up the building’s entrance and is open to guests as well as to other visitors. But behind the restaurant there’s another enchanted universe.

“Our aim is to provide clients with the experience of staying in a luxurious Havana mansion from the 1930s and 1940s,” Andrea Gallina explains. To achieve it, he and his wife meticulously restored the property they bought to turn it into a hotel. This brought back the spirit and elegance to this old residence in El Vedado.

They reproduced the palette of pastel colors of the houses of the period. With ceilings, floors and other construction and decorative elements, they also followed the original outlines. Being in Paseo 206 Boutique Hotel is like traveling in time.

But not everything refers to the past. Italian design furniture give a more vivacious touch to the spaces. Lamps and sanitary installations contribute another touch of modernity. Works by the island’s contemporary artists, which can be bought by visitors, are exhibited in the hotel thanks to an agreement with a private gallery. The plants, in the gardens and interiors, also have an important value in the atmosphere.

However, none of this contravenes the stylistic concept. The guests have at their disposal, at the same time, sober and luxurious installations, functional and welcoming, complemented with a ménage of excellence.


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