A post by Peter Jordens.

The 8th World Cinema Amsterdam Festival is taking place from August 16-26, 2017. The Festival includes nine films from Cuba as well as one from Costa Rica. For the full Festival program, go to Here is the Caribbean line-up:


Belleza (2016), David Moreno, 12 min.

El hormiguero (2017), Alán González, 15 min.

El pescador (2017), Ana A. Alpízar, 15 min,

Paco y Lucía (2015), Francisco Castro, 15 min.

Un instante (2017), Marta María Borrás, 15 min.
Filmando en Cuba con Abbas Kiarostami (2016), various directors, film compilation, 68 min.

El proyecto (2017), Alejandro Alonso Estrella, documentary, 60 min.

El último país (2017), Gretel Marín Palacio, documentary, 70 min,

Esteban (2016), Jonal Cosculluela, 90 min,

Costa Rica

El sonido de las cosas (2016), Ariel Escalante, 78 min,

Two Cuban and one Costa Rican film directors will be present at the World Cinema Amsterdam for Q&A after screenings of their film: Gretel Marín Palacio (El último país, Cuba), Alán González (El hormiguero, Cuba) and Ariel Escalante (El sonido de las cosas, Costa Rica).

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