Trinidadian Artist Ian Ali Memorial Exhibit opens at the ASTT


A report from Trinidad’s Guardian.

August 15 marked ten years since the death of iconic artist Ian Ali, a man who made a pioneering contribution to Trinidad and Tobago’s local landscape through art and television.

To honour the life and work of this iconic artist, the Art Society of T&T is hosting Iconic: the Ian Ali Memorial Exhibition until August 19 at the ASTT headquarters located at the corner of Jamaica Boulevard and St Vincent Avenue, Federation Park.

Ian Ali made an invaluable contribution to national art education, inspired thousands of imaginations and strengthened national and cultural identity. From the seventies to the nineties, ‘Uncle Ian’ produced and hosted a series of television shows such as Looking Around, Rikki Tikki, Words, Books and Letters and Painting for Pleasure, programmes that brought art right into the nation’s living rooms – an unprecedented cultural occurrence. While he remains a fixture in the national psyche as a beloved television personality, Ian Ali had an extraordinary multi-faceted career as an internationally renowned Artist, Cultural Activist, Teacher, Writer, Illustrator and Scout Leader. Ali won a Government Scholarship to study Art in the United Kingdom and returned home in 1966, beginning an outstanding four-decade career. Ali’s work is in the National Museum and Art Gallery as well as in private and commercial collections, all over the world.

Over 20 of Ali’s outstanding acrylic pieces, as well as never exhibited before water-colour illustrations are on display. In all, there will be over 70 paintings, alongside several borrowed pieces from private collections. Poster prints and greeting cards of his original work will also be available. The public is invited to experience the inspiration of “Uncle Ian” and enjoy the legendary work of an iconic artist. Sponsors making this historic event possible are: Sepia Studios, Fine Art, Scrip-J, Eniath’s Printing and Disaronno.

For more information, please contact the Art Society at 622-9827 or


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