Art, art and more art in Barbados


A report by Katrina King for Barbados Today.

Norman Centre, the shopping mall near the top of Broad Street in the city, is currently hosting an exhibition of Barbadian art on its ground floor that features the work of 55 local artists.

Artists Alliance Barbados (AAB) is staging the display, entitled Home, which is encouraging people to rethink their relationship with art, in specific rooms of their homes, both functional and decorative.  It takes art lovers on a journey through the typical Barbadian home and showcases Barbadian art through several media.

“This experience allows Barbadians to take a second look at what they have in their homes and what constitutes art.  For example, The Verandah – under the familiar Bajan phrase – Ever so welcome- Please call first,” explained Oneka Stuart, curator of the exhibition and spokesperson for AAB.

She added: “Typically, Barbadians do not open their homes to non-members of their families.  The Verandah becomes the place of interaction with our guests.  The art in this section reflects the beauty outside – pretty gardens and flowers but also questions our ideas of beauty.”

Facility Manager of Norman Centre, Lesley Norvel, said the shopping mall was proud to create this hub of art and culture and cement its position as an evolving and state of the art facility in the city.  “This partnership with AAB exposes new and established talent and hopefully creates new conversations around several concepts.” Norvel said.

The ‘Home’ exhibition closes on September 2.

From this Saturday, August 19,  Norman Centre will also be hosting the CARIFESTA XIII visual arts exhibition under the theme Journey to One Caribbean. It takes a look at the ancestral journey of Caribbean people from Africa, India, the Middle East, Europe, China and South America.

Curator Janice Whittle said the exhibition was born out of the Queen’s Park Gallery’s 2007 Journeyexhibition, which commemorated the bi-centenary of the Abolition of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  “It will span a mix of media, from installations, sculpture mixed media and paintings by over 20 of the region’s finest established and emerging artists.” Whittle explained. 

Some of the regional artists whose work will be displayed in three stores in Norman Centre, include Haiti’s Philippe Dodard, Jamaica’s Albert Chong and Barbados’ Joyce Daniel. 

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