45 Dominican Artists from Home and Abroad Exhibit in New York


A report from the Latin American Herald Tribune. Our thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.

An exhibition of at least 100 works that opened to the public Saturday in New York brings together Dominican artists of the diaspora with others who live and work in the Dominican Republic.

“Nexos 2,” the exhibition inaugurating the gallery of the Dominican Commission of Culture until Aug. 29, puts on show the creations of 33 teaching artists from the Faculty of Art at the Santo Domingo Autonomous University (UASD) and of another 12 based in the United States, who work in a variety of disciplines.

“The idea is to maintain contact with the Dominican Republic and connect painters from here and there,” the commissioner and also painter Ismael Checo, who is taking part in the exhibition, told EFE.

Many of the painters have participated in both national and international exhibitions. On show in “Nexos 2” are paintings, drawings, installations, collages, photographs and sculptures across a wide variety of formats and subject matter.

Noteworthy among the painters is the prizewinning Amable Sterling, considered one of the great contemporary sculptors, and the well-known sculptor and painter Vicente Fabre, who lives in Miami.

Virginio Rincon, also from the UASD, leans toward painting pictures of the elderly, and on this occasion presents a selection entitled “Daily Reality,” executed in pointillism on paper, in which the wrinkles and marks of old age appear to be real, as in the portrait of his mother who died three years ago and who encouraged him to study art.

The original article from EFE:

Cuarenta y cinco artistas dominicanos, de aquí y de allá, exhiben en Nueva York

Ruth E. Hernández Beltrán, EFE, August 12, 2017



Nexos 2: Relación, asociación, unión y vínculo [Nexus 2: Relation, Association, Union and Bond]

Until August 29, 2017

Comisionado Dominicano de Cultura en EEUU [Dominican Commission of Culture in the USA]

541 West 145th Street #2, New York, NY 10031



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